i believe in feeling good. i believe in feeling healthy. i believe in feeling balanced + whole + grounded + true. i also, very importantly, believe in helping you to feel the same.

so much of how we are encouraged to feel is given to us in a way that is external to ourselves, as if we should all feel the same. i just don’t think this makes sense. surely to feel good + most like our comfortable selves, we need to look inside? what makes you feel most like you? from here we can explore + create as we go. we begin a conversation between our body + our mind. see what works for you + if it feels nice for you. + if it feels good for you. if it does, great, keep doing it, investing in new, fun, creative ways to do it. if it feels bad, question why + what + move on with that information.

it sounds simple, i realise it is not. it takes compassion + patience + inquiry + trust. from here we can move forwards + take each moment with us.

you are welcome here.

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