January. 23.

Here we are at the turning of the traditional new year, transitioning from 2022 to 2023. However you choose to value this time, I hope you are able to spend it in a way that you want to, that feels closest to you and your deepest content at this time.  The past week for me, hasContinue reading “January. 23.”

October. 22.

Here we are with Autumn upon us. The season of more layers, darker evenings, wilder weathers and more cups of tea (right?). As the weather shifts and moves with winds and rains lashing on the window, I am reminded of the loud transitional nature this season can inhabit, how it ebbs with extreme activity, as ifContinue reading “October. 22.”

newsletter. september. 22.

As we make the hazey, sunripened turn from summer into autumn, I feel the pull of this new season in my body more than ever. More than happy to turn my back on the busy-ness that summer entailed, the fast pace of it all, the return of so many social situations.  The extroversion of summer-fun playing a little longerContinue reading “newsletter. september. 22.”

newsletter. june. 22.

I lay in the grass by my house, prone on my front, bare legs tickled by the grass…. As I write this to you, dear ones, I’m facing the sun as if it’s about to tell me something I wouldn’t want to miss. Face is steeped in summer warmth, skin drinking it in as ifContinue reading “newsletter. june. 22.”

newsletter. april. 22

I almost can’t believe we are in April already. And would you please tell the weather this? Someone told me that this months final weather drop symbolises the last expression of winter and the farmers and gardeners look out for it till they can begin their Spring plantings. With this in mind April is often a period ofContinue reading “newsletter. april. 22”

newsletter. march. 22.

Two weeks late on this one, how did that happen?  In our February yoga classes we moved from the ground up. Soaking in earths rooted qualities and emerging slowly from our winter slumber. We explored up through the body finding our footing, connecting to our centre, and rising to meet ourselves as we are inside, and as we welcomeContinue reading “newsletter. march. 22.”

newsletter. february. 22.

Well, we made it to February. Past January, the month that everyone seems to dred. I always find it interesting that in January it’s as if we are living in debt to how we spent our Decembers. Encouraged to detox, cut out a food group, stop drinking alcohol and ampt up our exercise. It’s a starkContinue reading “newsletter. february. 22.”


Hello dear one And Hello 2022. Wishing you a (slightly belated) Happy New Year. I send this a bit later than intended. I have been honouring a slow start to 2022, with space for feeling, noticing, honouring my needs and moving slowly. Listening to the nature within myself as well as nature outside, quiet in presence. I haveContinue reading “NEWSLETTER. JANUARY. 22”


As I write this, I am sitting watching the blue winters sky outside, yesterday it snowed and I watched from the same window as the snow flakes fell. And I was thinking how when you watch the snow falling, it seems to be falling so fast paced and rushed and all together, but when youContinue reading “NEWSLETTER. DECEMBER. 21”