free females is a creative inspired community. the intention is to bring women together in a supportive, nurturing & sharing space. to join together, celebrate & empower one another. 

*free females is taking a little break for now. till we can feel safe and comfortable to join together, in person. please get in touch if your interested in joining the next one.

this has been my little baby for a while now. I’ve thought about it, done something else, come back to it, planned it, got sidetracked then come back to it again. I’ve been guided back to a need for this. and the timing feels right, now. I am led by feelings of inspiration, awe and pride for women, and also by common feelings of inferiority and intimidation. Instead of putting us women in competition and comparison to each other, we can choose to encourage, learn from and be proud of one another. I’m also led by creativity and by the abundance of making and exploring I see many women around me doing. I want us to practice a place of collaboration to create and share together. a safe space to explore & develop.  this is my hope for free females. It is very much a seed that requires support and building by all of us together.

our first session in November went wonderfully. I couldn’t have hoped for anything more; every female showed up so enthusiastically, openly and honestly for themselves and for one another. we breathed, shared, reflected and discussed some really inspiring themes.

each session we’ll begin with a breathing practice / meditation to arrive and settle us together. then the remainder of the session will be led by a member of the group. the theme is chosen by the woman leading that session and can be any topic to share. the only requirement is that it’s something important and relevant to you leading and that there’s an element of practical action during the session, for everyone to do together. this could be journaling, drawing, discussing together, making something or moving our bodies……get creative with your session.

all you need to join is to sign up below and bring an open mind and heart. I hope you’ll join us x

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