Mari teaches with a curious and intuitive approach to regulate and attune to ourselves and learn to develop a conversation with who we are and this wonderful body we call home.

Upcoming Classes

Wintering – a class for the winter within you

Sunday 18th Dec / Online / 7pm – 8.15pm

Nurture yourself as we enter this festive period by taking some time to tend to ourselves amongst what can be a busy and challenging time for many reasons. With embodied movement, breathwork and restorative practices tailored to connect us to our own pace, release and express tension held in our bodies, slow down to meet natures pace and help us hear and cater to what we need right now.

Join for a collective honouring and embracing of our inner winter, so we may enter Christmas with a deeper kindling to our warmth within.

Women’s Yoga for your Cycle and Womb

Next 4 week offering coming in 2023, Edinburgh
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Learn to practice yoga around your cycle and womb.

Traditionally yoga has been passed on by men to men and hasn’t been considered with the female body in mind. In these 4 classes you’ll learn to connect to your cyclical nature as a woman, and learn practices that tend to your changing body and womb throughout your monthly, seasonal cycle.

Connect to the many facets that make up you and your magnificent body whilst therapeutically listening to your evolving needs. Have fun harnessing your female (sakti) power, freedom, warmth and wisdom whilst moving your body, calming your mind and tuning into your breath.








I was able to reconnect with my womb again after some time which proved to be incredibly powerful and emotional. It was a reminder that we should take time to acknowledge what is going on in our womb and with cycles and work with it rather than against it”.

I felt so refreshed and happy after each and every one and I truly believe it was the beginning of building a kinder relationship to my femininity”

This course is limited to 12 women maximum, so please book in quick to secure your space.

Fi / “From the minute you arrive, Mari creates a warm, soothing, welcoming and nurturing space. I feel included and supported to go at my own pace but also be challenged throughout the class. Mari guides you at a really nice pace. She is extremely knowledgeable about yoga and it’s well being benefits. Her teaching style is nurturing and kind and I like her attention to detail about how each move can work for everyone. I always come away from one of Mari’s classes feeling a wonderful balance of calm, revitalisation, and strength.”

Sinead / “Mari is an amazing yoga teacher!! Her style of teaching immediately makes you feel relaxed and in tune with your body which gives a natural flow to the whole experience. I come out of her classes feeling both energised & calm… and more connected to my-self. If I’m being totally honest.. I’m now reluctant to want to go to any other classes but hers!!! She is a real inspiration.”

Jenifer / “I cannot praise and recommend Mari enough, she is a wonderful yoga teacher and puts you at ease with her warmth, smile and passion in what she believes in. Yoga was brand new to me and at the time I had a sore back. I’ve became more flexible and stronger and my back started to heal. I love how yoga makes me feel inside and out and that makes me confident, happy and motivated! Mari checks in with you throughout class and is lovely and encouraging. Thank you so much Mari, you’re an inspiration. I’m so glad you introduced me to yoga, it’s changed my life in a positive and beautiful way.”

Ellie / “I’ve recently been dipping into Mari’s online yoga sessions a couple of times a week as an important part of my daily wellbeing routine. The classes have a good pace, Mari demonstrates and explains carefully and throughout she suggests various ways to adapt for a gentler or more challenging pose. Mari has an pleasant delivery and her classes are a good mix of physical stretches balanced with breathing and relaxation.
I have already recommended her classes to friends.”

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