January. 23.

Here we are at the turning of the traditional new year, transitioning from 2022 to 2023. However you choose to value this time, I hope you are able to spend it in a way that you want to, that feels closest to you and your deepest content at this time. 

The past week for me, has been a slow existence; waking without alarms, eating whatever calls in the moment, suspending judgement upon time and routine, making space for simply being in what arises and presents. It’s an enjoyable time of freedom and rest. However not without the mental reminder though, vulnerability cueing me to continue practices. Standing atop the pillars that serve me best, keeping from sinking if the tide gets too high. I remain grateful for the gesture to not abandon self in amongst this in between festive period.

It’s important to trust that these practices are not things to be ‘done’,  adding to our to do lists. May they instead be reflections of the capacity we inhabit already. A way in to find a part of you that resides already, however seperate you may feel it is. Re-turning, re-membering, re-connecting, em-bodying – many things we practice to re-call – a coming back to self and all you can be. Those things you hope for; the resolutions, the mantras, the affirmations………..you are those already, they are not something that is separate to be obtained.

However your practices may be:
– resting
– being with loved ones
– being alone
– slowing down
– movement 
– stillness 
– breathwork
– yoga nidra
– insert yours here…

You have the aptitude, the quality, the presence already running through your veins, already breathing in your lungs.  

I wish you a warm turn towards 2023, 


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