October. 22.

Here we are with Autumn upon us.

The season of more layers, darker evenings, wilder weathers and more cups of tea (right?). As the weather shifts and moves with winds and rains lashing on the window, I am reminded of the loud transitional nature this season can inhabit, how it ebbs with extreme activity, as if clearing for the quiet stillness that winter brings. 

In practice we can reflect and utilise this too, exploring release and freedom as we sense where and what in the body needs shaking, rattling, releasing and letting go of to meet itself. Our bodies systems will always work towards protection of ourself first and foremost;  a holding of the breath in fear, a tensing of the muscles in the unknown, a tightening of the stomach in apprehension. These are normal functions to keep us from harm. 

As we practice releasing some of these protective mechanisms, we may explore a clearing, a moving of physical and perhaps emotional stories. Creating space for a settling of self, a landing of knowing, a home coming. 

What does it feel like to move from holding to clearing? To ebb, shift and transition with your weathers loud? And how does it feel to let it settle and land quietly? 

With you always, 
in practice, 


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