newsletter. september. 22.

As we make the hazey, sunripened turn from summer into autumn, I feel the pull of this new season in my body more than ever. More than happy to turn my back on the busy-ness that summer entailed, the fast pace of it all, the return of so many social situations.  The extroversion of summer-fun playing a little longer and a little hotter than expected. 

And now, once again, I am greeted by the invitation to turn in deeply towards myself.

This week I was reminded of the presence of my own heart, right here in my chest. The capacity I have to access care and love and respect for myself.  And what happens when I neglect or disconnect from here. Here lies in the centre of our bodies, if we choose and can access it,  a place of joy,  warmth and connection, that feeds appreciation and gratitude in the small things. 

Just as we do in movement practice, as we notice our pace and flow, if it’s fast or disregulated we slow to meet our breath, so too can we slow to meet these in our day to day.  To reflect (hopefully but not always easily) without judgement or criticism but curiosity and care at how our body and our many layers are. Is there anywhere that calls physically to me from within? Where is the breath present and where is it not? What are the nature of my thoughts? Am I choosing things that fill me with joy? Am I able to meet myself in a state of flow and rhythm?

As we move we trace a path of listening, we allow our bodies to speak.

I invite you to listen without judgement to the call to turn inwards. Release the criticism that you let yourself go a little this summer (I’m speaking to myself mostly). Turn in towards your centre, with care, love and respect  -“Im listening, tell me what you have to say?”

With you always, 
in practice, 


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