newsletter. june. 22.

I lay in the grass by my house, prone on my front, bare legs tickled by the grass….

As I write this to you, dear ones, I’m facing the sun as if it’s about to tell me something I wouldn’t want to miss. Face is steeped in summer warmth, skin drinking it in as if to bathe in goodness. I notice a release and a softening to these sensations in my body, and I feel a trusting that it’s ok to let it in (easier said than done), to let myself soften a little bit more. Like an opposition to the winters tightening and holding, a gentle process through the spring season and now into summer, (it’s been a while hey?) 

An easing and a releasing radiating through muscular, skeletal and physiological systems. My breath a reflection of this; steady and present. 

It’s not always this way though, i know.  And sometimes it’s hard to remember there are moments like this available for us, or, to really soak up or bask in, when these moments do come around. And also to know that when these ‘positive’ states or experiences aren’t available; when we can’t feel the sun on our skin, or when we can’t feel our breath as steady or present, or when we do feel a tightening or holding in our body, that that’s ok too.

Being present with sensations, all sensations, and noticing.

Becoming aware of how they feel, where we feel them, where we are in time and space when we feel them. It’s a way of developing our felt sense; our proprioceptive awareness of who we are and how we respond to our environments. We can strengthen this awareness, just like a muscle in the body and the more we explore this, the better we can access this when we need it. It is in this moment of noticing that we can choose to welcome in maybe an intended sensation with breath and movement, or stillness, or we can notice and appreciate, be grateful for an experience where we feel at ease and perceive calm in our bodies. 

Sensations are sensations, we could categorise them into good or bad, orrrrr we could become curious, exploratory with what these sensations represent for us.

It’s language from the body, literally body-talk. And it wants you to listen, very closely. 

With you in practice, 


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