newsletter. may. 22.

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words, listen” – Rumi 

It’s felt so long since I have wrote a newsletter, how has it only been a month? I mostly have been moving inwards, taking time to move things around and slow down as life appears to speed up. The sun has felt good on my face and the longer days too. Feeling a sense of movement towards space out there with goings on in here and remembering things I forgot I liked doing and things that I look forward to doing again, but can’t quite find the time right now. 

A sense of questioning and reviewing seems to reign at the moment, like that spring cleaning energy that makes you get right to the back of that cupboard that you dump things in when you don’t know where to put them. But also a sense of not quite comitting to the sort out, cause your not quite sure what it means or what it entails, if you get right to the back, cause then you really have to clean it out you know? 

What I do know is practice is feeling good, slow and steady, rising and falling in movement and breath. To check in with myself day to day, and if I forget its an extra treat to be re-reminded that its there as a tool to navigate life. Learning to take authority with what we find out and feel into, isn’t always clear cut and sometimes it takes time. 

So i’ll continue to meet myself again and again, even when I’m unsure. Especially when I’m unsure. 

With you in practice, 


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