newsletter. april. 22

I almost can’t believe we are in April already. And would you please tell the weather this?

Someone told me that this months final weather drop symbolises the last expression of winter and the farmers and gardeners look out for it till they can begin their Spring plantings. With this in mind April is often a period of transition, yet every year I think I forget this and grudge it for its rude fools tricks on our anticipatory excitement. 

During times of transition there’s typically two ways we manage ourselves.

We’re either comfortable pushing something away maintaining a state of immobility, or we’re more familiar with running with it and allowing a fast pace to tempt us into a state of constant motion. One way we are stopped still, another we never stop.These two opposites are symbolic of two of the three states in our autonomic nervous system and we may tend towards one as our default, or move quickly from one to another.  Inactivity symbolises our freeze state, the other our fight or flight. 

Both are normal, both are protective and both are healthy.

In a beautiful parallel our breath cycle represents these too. Our inhale prepares and energises us to move and fuel the body and our exhale grounds us and expells excess air to slow us down to rest. Both normal, both natural, both valuable. 

Our personal power and a place of deep learning and listening is in becoming aware of where we tend to lean towards.

 It is from awareness that we may begin to reframe our connection with tendencies that keep us in one state or way of experiencing life. It is here that we connect to our third nervous system state in balance and regulation. To begin to find comfort and learn to harness our capacity for both acitivity and inactivity, connection and presence, with others and with ourselves.

So may we be present to welcome in Springs blossoming, as suprising as these may arise here in Scotland. 

With you always in practice, 


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