newsletter. march. 22.

Two weeks late on this one, how did that happen? 

In our February yoga classes we moved from the ground up. Soaking in earths rooted qualities and emerging slowly from our winter slumber. We explored up through the body finding our footing, connecting to our centre, and rising to meet ourselves as we are inside, and as we welcome this new seasonal shift outside. 

Angela Farmer says “Yoga is about coming home to yourself and your body and experiencing life through it”.  

Yoga isn’t about the linear poses for me anymore. It’s evolved and is evolving to so much more and I continue to be in awe and surrender to the humble learnings and growth this practice offers. 

Yoga holds space for us to learn to explore the infinite and intimate landscape of who we are and how it feels to be ourselves, in our skin, with our personal experiences.

As a practitioner first, a teacher second and a trainee therapist third, I want to offer you opportunity to feel closer to who YOU are, and what that feels like for you personally. That bit that feels a little uncomfortable, and that bit that feels bloody delicious. 

To be with ourselves, where movement and stillness and everything in between reside together, to direct us home. 

See you on the mat my dears, 

With you always in practice, 


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