newsletter. february. 22.

Well, we made it to February.

Past January, the month that everyone seems to dred. I always find it interesting that in January it’s as if we are living in debt to how we spent our Decembers. Encouraged to detox, cut out a food group, stop drinking alcohol and ampt up our exercise. It’s a stark contrast to Decembers luxurious lavishings, and we must live in guilt and shame for our actions. 

I reckon balance is a pretty underrated life practice and we could do with striving for more of it, particularly at this time.

To live life in balance with the healthy and the ‘unhealthy’, balancing action and rest, ‘good’ and ‘bad’, instead of pendulum swinging. To live without guilt or shame or expectation of what we should or shouldn’t be doing. Here we can listen to what we need, when we need it. We can feed ourselves (in body and in mind)  what we feel compelled, when we feel compelled to. Occasionally leaning towards one or the other, then settling back in harmony.

In the past I have had a turbulent experience with highs and lows. 

I exhaustingly (and dangerously) jumped from one to another and back again, a middle ground did not exist to me.  Hanging out in balance is transformatively refreshing and remains a constant practice for me today.  Here we might notice the gentle fluctuations that naturally occur in our bodily systems and our emotional health and let flow move, without restriction or force. Quietly listening to the stirrings and changes within. 

Today marks the beginning of Imbolc, the pagan marking of spring.

A time to tune into the subtle murmurations. As the buds rest in drawn in cocoons on trees and below our feet and the sun suspends that little moment longer in the sky, may we observe our own subtle movements in there early stages. Aware of the remainder of our journey from winter into spring, suspended in harmony and balance. What does it feel like to be here? 

With you always in practice,


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