Hello dear one

And Hello 2022. Wishing you a (slightly belated) Happy New Year.

I send this a bit later than intended. I have been honouring a slow start to 2022, with space for feeling, noticing, honouring my needs and moving slowly. Listening to the nature within myself as well as nature outside, quiet in presence. I have found this is what serves me best, at this introspective time of year. Come at me with a ‘new year, new me’ resolution and I will run, fast, in the other direction.

I am not opposed to seeing ahead into a new calendar year though. To consider where I have been, through winters gentle lens of reflection, and where I may hope to go, as the light slowly returns. I have many intentions for the year ahead, and instead of ‘resolving’ something as if it’s a problem, I sit with awareness and hope to move in a particular energetic direction. Maybe you feel the same? 

During working with the chakras on our course recently, our teacher Lisa Sanfilippo asked us to consider this, If you had £100 to spend energetically each day, where would you spend your money? Is there a place where you would spend more? Or less? Or would you split it out evenly? A beautiful reflection. Your energy is valuable each and every day friend, and isn’t it meaningful to consider where you are spending it? And how may you adapt your spending, to move ahead in 2022. 

Gentle intentions to move energy towards those places and spaces that feel most important. 

This is how 2022 looks for me. And how about for you?

With you always in practice, 


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