As I write this, I am sitting watching the blue winters sky outside, yesterday it snowed and I watched from the same window as the snow flakes fell.

And I was thinking how when you watch the snow falling, it seems to be falling so fast paced and rushed and all together, but when you focus on just one flake, that one flake seems to be moving mindfully and gracefully at it’s own pace.

I thought how thats a bit like when you take all that you have going on in life and all of the emotions that go with all of those things, it starts to feel very overwhelming and alot. But if you take a closer look and you focus on one thing, however small, everything gets a bit slower, and more mindful and spacious and you can see the grace and the steady pace of that one thing moving intuitively and it’s a little easier to manage. I can relate to this alot at the moment, the former, the overwhelm. 

There couldn’t be a better month than December to remind us of appreciating smaller things. The evenings are longer and the mornings are dark and routines seem to fray at the edges.  

December asks us to release control and succumb to the pace of nature at this time. To appreciate our heating, warm cups of tea, the glow of candlelight. And to release our grip and see what comes when we go with the (slow) flow and move from intuition.  That not all things are to be structured or clumped together as one and if we can invite a more natural, lose manner to our days, creativity, awareness and appreciation may be born out of the dark. 

So this December, instead of expecting alot of myself in practice, I’m doing 3 sun salutations a day.

Just 3, as and when the moment feels right. Not neccessarily in my yoga gear or with my mat rolled out. Maybe in jeans, after I feed the cat or whilst my toast is in. 3 salutes to the (winter) sun feels manageable, accessible. And what I’ve noticed is:

It’s enough to connect me to my body, to myself, and to my breath
It’s enough to disconnect me from viewing everything through this overwhelming lens 
It’s enough to connect me to what is important and what isn’t 
To connect me to my intuition, to my source, the source
To ground me into the present moment and in to the now, 
And to this now, and this now, 

And if more movement comes from those first 3, then more there shall be. And if no more comes, then that is enough for now.

I hope to share this with you on the mat for the final few times in 2021, 

With you always in practice, 


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