A temptation to retreat, the whisper to be still, the little bit longer spent amidst the release of your exhale. Listen carefully now. 

Halloween, as most of us know it is commonly connected with ghosts and gools and horror. It’s said to be the one day of the year that the veil between the spirit world and the living is the thinnest and communication with those no longer living might be made. ‘Samhain’, is Halloweens paganly known ‘sister’ and is a Gaelic, spiritual celebration at this time. It is the ending to the summer season and the stirring of the winter, signifying a space of transition between these two seasons. The poigniant step away from the lighter days and into the darker half of the year.

 It is a time that offers reflection and letting go of what has been; a celebration of movement to go towards and within, to see what may be visible amongst the layers of dark

My restorative yoga teacher says that amongst the stillness of the poses, there is an opportunity to go beyond. The presence in the poses, in the quiet, allows for sensations to arise and sometimes this isn’t always pleasant, however it is part of the journey of letting go. Sitting with the sensation, with the emotion; being present with this in our bodies wholeheartedly, allows the emotion to move through and release. 

“We must go through the woods, past the big bad wolf, to get to grandmas house”. Judith Hanson Lasater

This is not a time to resist, it is not a time to mourn the summer light, because this is an offering of great opportunity. To welcome a new season of being, a part of the cycle. I see resistance in myself, even as I consider this.  I’ve been tired, i’ve been slow, my bodys been craving for rest every darker evening, and i’ve resisted it, I’ve pressured myself to do more, to expect more (and my body, she responded with headaches because I hadn’t listened!) But it is the most natural transition. It is a calling in our bodies, a direct representation that we are one with nature herself, we are the same, and to fight it is to go against the mighty power of her. 

Right outside our windows, the trees are letting go of their leaves. Letting go of what was once blooming, of what has had its time, of what must now move on. The fire of the orange in the leaves. The passion in the red. The beauty of colour in the leaves as they paint the ground, dropped from the branch that once birthed them. This isn’t a half-assed, regretful closing, this is an all in passionate, dedicated goodbye with sincerity and commitment. Nature doesn’t mourn, she knows this time is needed, just as the bloom of spring and the light of summer was. She welcomes the warmth of the candlelight and the glow of the fire as she craves to meet the darkness. Intention to drawn inward and replenish; the very nature of change and transition, to release what has come before and invite what lies ahead.   

“Choose to be present, that is the way home”. Judith Hanson Lasater

A temptation to retreat, the whisper to be still, the little bit longer spent amidst the release of your exhale. Listen carefully now. Just as nature does so spectacularly, may we welcome in this natural transition? Can we allow ourselves to flow amongst the seasonal shift, to notice and observe the deep, primordial calls to come in now, to come home now? I hope you find your faith amongst the darkness and warmth by the candle light, comfort in the layers and peace amongst the long evenings.  This time is needed my dear, just as much for you as it is for us all (on a global level too).Trust and look to natures lead as we go, and I will meet you amongst the glow. 

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