Ah hello September. Do you feel that turn in the air? That slight crispness to the edges of the temperature, the morning mist when the suns a little bit slower to rise.

It is a month of changes and reflections and quieter contemplations. 

In the sky, in the light, everything takes a reflective hue before we start to move towards the winter solstice. (Apologies if this is a little early to be talking like this for your taste), I am a September fan! It’s the month of Virgo, Earth sign and the season of Autumn begins.

Get out your layers, It’s about to get cosy! 

I have been busy burrying away with my Yoga Therapy diploma, at times my brain feels a little like you know when you neatly organise a suitcase and you are chuffed cause you know exactly where everything is, then last minute you have to get something out right at the bottom, so you toss everything back in a rush and you have no idea where anything is?  Faith in the intuitive notions of Yoga and it’s embodied practices tells me it’ll all settle and gather inside of me as it needs to.

I have also trained in the teachings of Well Womb Woman’s Yoga with the soulful and knowledgeable Tammy Mittel at Real Flow Yoga. Feminity means many many things and as women we are in constant cyclical movement with ourselves, one another and mother earth. Yoga practices can help us connect more deeply and intuitively with these cycles. I am so excited to share in a women’s space that offers practices that respect and shares with you, sisters. 

I am reminded recently by my own vulnerability and by dear friends of the power of the human mind and it’s ability to power over us for better or for worse.

The more I talk with others, I see we all share in so much that our minds reign.  It’s important to remember that we are not our emotions and we are not our thoughts, we are beings filled with great capacity for wonder and love. May we use our practice to tend to our minds, as much as our bodies, in a transformative way. 

See you on the mat lovelies, 

Mari x 

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