Trusting in the Unknown

Hello lovelies and how are you all doing?

As I write this it is a sun soaked day in Edinburgh and everything feels a bit hazy and hot. Which can be a lovely feeling and there is nothing quite like closing your eyes and lifting your face towards the sun to feel its heat on your skin.  It can also be a little scary,  if everything feels a bit unusual and different and it’s a bit sticky and hotter than we are used to. And with the fog we’ve had in the mornings recently, unsure of what will be revealed when it clears, unable to see clearly ahead. 

Trusting in the unknown is a leap of faith. It’s a balance between fear-fullness and fearless-ness. I think to trust we must believe in what could come, to connect with a sensation of something that could be ahead, a view or vision (a dristi we may call it in yoga).  It’s also a deep connection to presence, to this very moment and being in it. To feel our feet connected to the Earth that we stand in now. Because in order to begin to put one foot in front of the other (blindly at first), we need to deeply sense and feel where we are now, with all of our toes and our heels and the souls of our feet firmly rooted. 

And thats not always easy. It’s not always easily sensed, its not always easily felt. Maybe we need to take our shoes and socks off. Maybe we need to adapt the texture beneath our feet. Maybe we need to experience our connection to the ground by moving with our feet above our head for a bit, just to observe and shift till we return to see how it feels then. 

Trust is a deeply complex and turbulent emotion and it’s never set in stone. Like so many things we can practice it, and explore it. We can dedicate movement, meditation, pranayama and mantra to our intention to find it. We can intend with warmth, kindness and forgiveness. Even when we aren’t sure where our next foot may land us. 

All my love, 

Mari x 

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