Meeting Ourselves Where We Are

“If you can be with the pleasant without chasing after it, 

with the unpleasant without resisting it, 

and with the neutral without ignoring it, 

that is an incredible freedom” – Rick Hanson 

‘Hey, how are you doing?

Yeah, good thanks, and you? ‘

Sound familiar? Ohhhhh but I am so so guilty of this monotone, automatic, indirect response to this daily question. Responding back with an almost computerised sing-song same old answer. And then the swift divert straight back to the person asking the question. And what do they give back? The same answer, usually. And often thats the conversation done. Finished. What more is there to say?!

But wait wait……are you good? What is good? Am i good? How good? What kind of good? 

When i was growing up my parents used to ask us, over the dinner table whilst passing the peas, how our day at school was?  ‘Fine thanks!’ So they would ask us again, ‘How was it fine?’ What made it fine? And (after moans and groans of teenage irritance) we would eventually pick something from our minds from our day and a conversation would begin from that. 

So I bring this up to say…..How are you REALLYYYYYY? Like how is your state of mind? And your emotions? And how is your physical body doing? How do you feel today?

When we tune inwards and we question and ask how we are, we start an internal conversation with ourselves. We are tuning in to where we find ourselves at that moment, on that day , at that time. Beginning to make room for honest, truthful understanding of where and how we are. And it isn’t always easy, I know. 

Like in our yoga practice when we feel our glutes firing up in our Chair pose, and we notice this. Where does our mind go? Are we honest with how we feel if it feels hard? 

 But what can we do next? We send the breath there. We make a mindful decision to move space and light and energy to our glutes that are contracting and strengthening, with intention to ease and soften and acknowledge them. To notice the cells of our body working and communicating and existing. To feed the body life. 

As i embark further on my Yoga Therapy journey, I am learning so much about serving from where we find ourselves. The very nature of therapy is at this core. And these days for myself that means alooooot of lying on the floor, with props and support and quiet and stillness. To let my body physiologically rest. And amongst this I have to drop the ego (that wants strong practice and sweaty movement) and i lay it to the side on the floor, beside my judgement and beside my fear, and i be here. Nothing to do. 

As things continue to change and sway from this pandemic, we need to acknowledge our personal state of being in amongst all of this.  Fear, uncertainty, exhaustion, excitement, apprehension….and so much more.  It’s essential that we listen to how we feel individually. That we meet ourselves. And that we wholeheartedly give ourselves what we need to be here. 

I hope we can practice this together on the mat, 

All my love, 

Mari x

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