newsletter. april 21.

Trust in what is to come. 


March marked the beginning of my two year Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy.

Embarking on this course has come as a bit of a surprise (but also not at all?) I planned to begin a different course. Because it felt fitting and appropriate for my other work that I do. In theory I committed to doing that course and I made the necessary life movements to do so. But somewhere, I knew it wasn’t quite right. (I couldn’t quite see myself doing it?) Life did its thing beautifully though, didn’t it,  and it took the option away from me. And it made room and now here I am, knowing in my whole self, (and all 5 of my Kosha’s; Yoga’s understanding of our different levels of being), that I am exactly where I should be.

Yoga as a therapeutic practice has always been a deep understanding of mine. Back when I sought it 12 years ago, as I struggled with my own anxiety and panic. To translate the ancient art and science of yoga to encourage relief from suffering, is the most meaningful tool for me to share.

The reason I am telling you this? Well, there’s a few and they are all confirmation of the beauty and philosophy of Yoga.

1. If it wasn’t for this past scary, unforeseen, rollercoaster year, and all that we have experienced and navigated, I wouldn’t have got to this decision and in this place, at this time. Making room, isn’t always within our control, and can sometimes feel very scary. However, if we can learn to embrace changes, explore the space that’s created, connect with ourself there and do what we feel is true for us, what comes out of it might just be the most important thing.

2. Gratitude goes a long way. Thank you to each of you, over the last few years that I have been teaching a bit here and a bit there. You’ve come to a class and trusted in my teaching. Every sequence I’ve planned, Sankalpa (theme) I have shared and body I’ve instructed has taught me so much so far and it’s led me to here.  I feel constantly grateful. Send the gratitude out, from your bones, your nerves, your senses and your words. I believe in this even more now. 

3. Consistency and belief are intertwined. The little zoom boxes with you every week have kept yoga teaching as a consistent for me over a tough, unexpected year. Even at times, if i haven’t felt like i’ve had much to offer, it has been needed and has always taught me something valuable. Together we’ve believed in the practice of yoga, in ourselves and we’ve consistently shown up on our mats, in our bodies and with our breaths.  

4. No 1, 2 and 3 have confirmed something. That everything happens for a reason. The Universe has a plan and the more that we surrender to it without force (Aparigraha), trust in higher forces (Isvara-pranidhana) Spiritually practice with intention (Sadhana) and move from our hearts (Satya), the more life can do what it has soulfully intended for us (Dharma). 

I hope you have a good month and to see you on the virtual mat soon, 

Mari x 

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