newsletter. february 21.



“the inability to rest or relax as a result of anxiety or boredom.”

This is the second time ive written our Feb newsletter (how very apt), I had a whole plan and written piece to send you, but this felt much more important and appropriate (and hopefully useful?) Recently ive been feeling restless, it comes in waves  I can’t quite commit to anything for a long period of time, as if my attention span is shorter and Im not fulfilled by the usual things that fill me all up. (Sorry if this seems dreary, hang in there, im coming with a yogic approach, promise…..)

‘’An uncomfortable urge to move’’

It’s as if there’s an urgency or expectancy to every moment, as if everything and nothing is important. Sound familiar? It seems lots of us are currently feeling this way, and that is kind of comforting isn’t it? to think that this is a product of what we’re experiencing, a deep disappointment to being back in a second lockdown, during winter?

‘Change will come’

Did you notice the mornings are getting lighter though? Did you notice how the light got through that little bit at that moment and bathed everything in yellow? I heard the birds singing as I stood at the sink in the earliest of mornings yesterday, they were waking and chatting and suggesting change and newness.   Change IS coming, it’s there if we look for it. In nature. The weather is moving and changing. The skies and the days. There are flowers preparing for spring and there is a whole hour extra before it gets dark at night!! Changes are happening within you too, changes to who you are, to your beliefs, your patience, your gratitudes and your strengths. My mum told me about the pagan festival called Imbolc, that happens around now, where things are happening, quietly and stirring beneath us, shifting and moving?

We can appreciate and find gratitude in where we are right now, instead of feeding this urge to move quickly.

Mindfulness as you sip your first tea in the morning because there is no rush to get somewhere

A meditative pace to your ‘’same old lockdown walk’’,  become aware of everything around you

Time to practice those deeper breaths, or a little salute to the sun in that fleeting patch of light that appears at the same time every day

An afternoon to draw the fruit bowl still life even though you’ve never drawn before and it’ll ‘’probably be rubbish’’?

An evening of binging on “silly telly”, (because you don’t have to be changing the world right right now, you know)

Take these moments for what they are, because we will never get these exact ones back again.

We will be somewhere else tomorrow, and the next day, and month and year. Take in everything and nothing as you are, right now. 

all the love, mari x 

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