newsletter. january 21.

So are you a reinvented sparkly new version of yourself? No, me neither and why would we want to be? We’re great as we are. And that’s not how life and the new year works is it? But we always expect it to be and we can put a lot of pressure on ourselves at this time of year. maybe even more so, and especially, this time as 2020 delivered a storm of unexpected happenings and we are still amongst its messy bits. So I thought id remind you, if you need it,  that it is just another month and whilst we can enjoy the intention of trying out maybe healthier, better serving practices in our lives and that’s never a bad place to be, it is another month in your life. With all the usual suspects of ups and downs and big things and small things and laughs and crys that happen in our human existence. You don’t need to be this new version of yourself, because that’s too much pressure and it actually doesn’t exist either. January is a time, like any other, to still practice the love, compassion and self care you did last year. And you did it so well last year and learnt things that you hadn’t before and they can be tools for life now. 

However that care looks for you right now is enough. It might be moving some more or it might mean moving some less. But you don’t need to throw out the chocolate and replace all your books with self help ones (self-help books are great too though) and whatever else it is that Bridget Jones does at the start of a new year? Just be there for yourself. keep practicing the things, old and new, that help you to feel nice and warm inside and to slow down a little and breathe deeper to feel more present in your body. These are the good consistent things that I think we always need a bit more of, do you think?

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