I’m sharing this piece of writing from my newsletter this week cause it feels appropriate.


‘Belief in our ability to cope’ 

We’ve been through a bloody lot this year, haven’t we? As a world, a nation, as a society and most of all importantly; as individuals. The changes you have made to adapt to this years antics. The grounding blocks and sources of support you’ve put in place to be able make it through this year. Even at the times you thought you wouldn’t, you did though. Even in those times, you built resilience, you did though . You’re still doing it. 

‘Resilience is the capacity to recover from toughness’ 

I’ve been thinking a lot about resilience and what it means. I’ve decided it’s a bit of a funny one isn’t it? Cause when we think of resilience we think of strength, of being super strong, able to survive even the toughest of times. But that makes me think of a really hard inanimate rock, that doesn’t have any emotion and just withstands. Or like when you go into water and the waves or the cold water is hitting off of you and you just show no emotion cause ‘it’s not affecting me’. But that isn’t the truth is it? Cause we’re human and we all feel emotions and that doesn’t mean we’re the opposite, weak or limp. So maybe managing our emotions and feeling them and holding them dear is resilience. Maybe its about how we do that?

Maybe resilience isn’t about being strong and sturdy,

it’s about building gentle roots 

Roots that support emotions 

How we feel feelings and acknowledge the emotions safely. 

And that can sustain us for a longer period of time 

that helps stand us up and supports us through the toughness 

Roots to support you to feel most like yourself and most rooted to yourself. At the time. In the instance. 

Roots like tools to reach for that you know help you believe that you can recover, you can see this through, you can be ok 

I talk a lot about tools, I think that’s cause I’m not so good at reaching for them when I need them most. I’m learning. The more I identify and name my tools the easier it becomes. Like if it’s a feeling that feels good and safe to be. Or if it’s an activity, like running or drawing 

I hope that’s something.

mari x

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