cashew vegan mac n’ cheese

friday night dinner plans?

this vegan mac n’ cheese recipe is creamy, thick and is the perfect vegan comfort food. it’s great for a protein fix and it’s also super quick and easy to make. yay. you can adapt it’s ingredients to suit what you want / need / feel like and add some meat in if your not strictly vegan. I’ve adapted my recipe over time and I think it’s at a good place of comfort, taste, ease and health now. it’s also got my good friend turmeric in it which gives it a fab yellow colour and has a whole list of health benefits. enjoy making it and make sure to make more so you have leftovers 🙂




•1/2 cup cashew nuts

 •2 tbsps water

 •1 clove garlic

 •1 tsp turmeric

•1/2 tsp black pepper

 •1 tsp dijon mustard

 •1 cup soya/oat/milk of your choice

 •1 tsp soy sauce

 •salt to taste



•macaroni / pasta of your choice

 •vegetables – I like to use courgette, mushrooms, onion and spinach. you can adapt the vegetables to suit you



•add cashew nuts + water to a food processor. mix till creates a paste

•add all other sauce ingredients + mix in processor

•sauté all veg except spinach + cook pasta. if you want to add in any meat like bacon or chicken, add this in here. when they’re ready, add your sauce to the veg + heat

add in your spinach + then mix in your pasta. I like to add in some mixed seeds here too for an omega fix, just if you have some. if your not vegan + want to add in some cheese here go ahead.

enjoy your hearty, wholesome meal x

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