how to calm our nervous system when it’s triggered anxiously

there is a lot going on in the world right now for everyone. i realise it is a very important time + many changes need to take place

yoga teaches us to first practice internally, in our own bodies + minds. to learn + listen + then take this into action moving forwards. i have a lot of work to do within myself + how I share with others. there is no right or wrong way to be doing this work. I do truly hope that, amongst all that we say we are doing, that we are doing the difficult, individual, internal work. to start with ourselves, our own understanding, reflection + knowledge + then move from here. i understand this is all a lot + we must all take care of ourselves individually as we go.

anxiety affects most of us in some way. triggered by emotion or fear or repression or pain. anxiety is a physical response to these things. our nervous system responds + we switch on our fight or flight response. our body decreases important functions to sky rocket others. once triggered it remembers this state of being again + again. the more time we spend in this heightened state the more open we become to dis-ease. 10 years since suffering anxiety my body still recalls the affects of this state + I have to actively practice ways to calm my body + mind daily

please take this offering with vulnerability, awareness + responsibility for myself. i hope this may offer you something within yourself x .

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