on lockdown easing + changes in scotland.

this morning I feel tender. I feel fragile + I feel vulnerable. I feel like it’s the first morning after a storm, or that feeling you get when you know things are changing + coming + you’re so fully aware that it hurts. it hurts in a good way + in a bad way. a bit of both together. life has so deeply dramatically changed over the last few months for all of us in so many different ways. now things are starting to reshuffle + resort + move towards something else. another place. people are getting on with things. life is moving. plans are being made. the sun is out. the air feels different. conversations are different. everything seems to have a giddy high frequency….

….. and I feel super sensitive to it.  my body feels tender + my heart feels heavy with the weight of it all. in that good + bad way. I feel a softness + sensitivity to everything like I could cry slow soft happy painful tears. I ache with the gifted awareness that the first changes brought, with the way values + importance’s were simplified + purified. I’m both painfully + beautifully aware of the world + nature. of all of us; people + all of our individual fears + vulnerability + all our love + craving for one another. we’re tender together as we are apart. 

stay safe everyone x

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