hello world.

thanks for taking the time to say hi and visit my site. this seems pretty daunting because it’s the first post and everyone says you’ve got 3 seconds to grab your readers attention before they move on to the next thing….so i figured i’m best to be me right up from the start….. then if you decide to read on there’s no false impressions, then you’ve no excuse when you get my attempted wit, or bad jokes, or sorry sarcasm….see this way it works for us all, yeah? ………

i’ll just go ahead and begin with why I’ve started this blog. for years now I’ve enjoyed different forms of expression. i love to see an image or passion someone has shared, or their honest and real words put out there into the world. ive admired others for their fearless sharing, or fearful sharing. i like the windows we get into others lives and loves and learnings and lessons. the pockets of fantasy or reality we can access. i’ve enjoyed moments of this and experienced feeling pride and fear in doing this too. maybe it’s a meeting of these two, a battling of which feeling is true or right or correct? anyway it definitely comes with it’s good and it’s bad and I’ve realised this is just the way it is. it is a beautiful balance.

i also have a big old passion and love for all things well-being. all the nice yummy, feel good, warming, loveliness that wellness brings. but also the testing, trying, tough to swallow difficulties it brings too. like yin and yang, black and white, orange and apple (?) health and wellness in whatever form it takes asks us to nurture ourselves, it asks us to commit to ourselves, in good and in bad. we learn and we listen and we move on from there. i’ve explored and experienced and trained in yoga and in meditation, in mental health, in stress responses, food and digestive issues. I learn and i listen. i try and test and taste. and i share. and i move on from there….

and i want to share this with you. to combine these things together. to meet you in the same place? in an add on to my yoga teaching. in another way to assist you in your well-being.

sometimes I’ll be short, some times I’ll be long (like this). sometimes it’ll just be a damn good recipe or picture. i promise to always be truthful and varied and nurturing.

join me?

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